Friday, October 2nd @ 11:30am

After some careful consideration, I have decided to extend the deadline to join band to next Friday, October 9th. I would like to give new parents and students one final opportunity to consider joining band this year.



We will begin virtual learning next week on Monday, October 5th. You will not need your instrument until October 19th.

If you have your instrument now, GREAT! However, please refrain from trying to work with it especially if you are BRAND NEW.

Instrument repairs are NOT something you want to begin this year off with.

The average cost for instrument repair is between $75 (for minor issues) - $250 (for major issues).

In addition, you will be without an instrument for an average of 1-2 weeks.

-- Please do us both a favor and be patient. I know students will be anxious, but trust me, it's worth the wait for you both 🙂


Do you need to secure an instrument?


  • Music & Arts has a wonderful rent-to-own option with quality instrument brands to select from.

    • Here is a link to secure your rent-to-own instrument --> LINK (CLICK ME)

  • OFE band has a limited supply of school-owned instruments, which are always refurbished to playing condition.

    • Here is a link to secure your school-owned instrument --> LINK (CLICK ME)


Previous Experience?


If you have any experience playing the instrument of your choice, please notify me immediately. In addition, if you have any experience playing the piano and you would be interested in a few opportunities to perform, please notify me as well.


HUB - OFE Bobcat Band

  • Students should have access to our class in the HUB by 5pm today.

  • If you are unable to access the class, please inform me.

  • To access our Microsoft Teams Link, students will need to visit the "Resource" tab in the HUB.


The BAND app

  • This is our primary source of communication. You can reach me directly and more efficiently than email, as these notifications are sent directly to my cell phone.

  • Below is the direct link to join us on the BAND app

  • Below are the best methods of reaching out to me:

    • BAND app (response time = 15 minutes - 2 hours)

      • LivingTree (response time = 2 - 12 hours)

        • Email (response time = 12 - 96 hours)

  • Students can always reach me directly from the HUB using the chat feature at the top right.

Have a wonderful weekend!

- Mr. McBreen